Sources Detection (mpdaf.sdetect)

The mpdaf.sdetect package contains different methods to detect sources.



mpdaf.sdetect Package


crackz(nlines, wl, flux, eml[, zguess]) Method to estimate the best redshift matching a list of emission lines.
get_emlines([iden, z, vac, lbrange, margin, …]) Return list of emission lines
matchlines(nlines, wl, z, eml) Try to match all the lines given.
muselet(cubename[, step, delta, fw, radius, …]) MUSELET (for MUSE Line Emission Tracker) is a simple SExtractor-based python tool to detect emission lines in a datacube.


Catalog(*args, **kwargs) This class inherits from astropy.table.Table.
Source(header[, lines, mag, z, spectra, …]) This class contains a Source object.
SourceList Handles a list of mpdaf.sdetect.Source objects.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of mpdaf.sdetect.catalog.Catalog, mpdaf.sdetect.source.Source, mpdaf.sdetect.source.SourceList