mpdaf.MUSE.get_FSF_from_cube_keywords(cube, size)[source]

Return a cube of FSFs corresponding to the keywords presents in the MUSE data cube primary header (‘FSF***’)

The step of the FSF pixel is equal to the spatial step of the MUSE data cube. If the cube corresponds to mosaic of several fields (‘NFIELDS’>1), a list of FSF cubes is returned.


MUSE data cube


FSF size in pixels.

FSFarray (cube.shape[0], size, size) or list of arrays

Cube containing MUSE FSF (one per wavelength). One cube per field.

fwhm_pixarray(cube.shape[0]) or list of arrays

fwhm of the FSF in pixels

fwhm_arcsecarray(cube.shape[0]) or list of arrays

fwhm of the FSF in arcsec