mpdaf.sdetect.muselet(file_cube, file_expmap=None, step=1, delta=20, fw=(0.26, 0.7, 1.0, 0.7, 0.26), sex_config=None, sex_config_nb=None, radius=4.0, ima_size=21, nlines_max=25, clean=0.5, skyclean=((5573.5, 5578.8), (6297.0, 6300.5)), write_nbcube=True, cleanup=False, workdir=None, n_cpu=1)[source]

MUSELET (for MUSE Line Emission Tracker) is a simple SExtractor-based python tool to detect emission lines in a datacube. It has been developed by Johan Richard (

Two catalogs will be created:
  • (lines) detected line emission peak sources, before merging

  • (obejcts) detected sources, merging lines that are spatially close to one another

These catalogs, and corresponding source files, are written directly to the current directory or if the workdir keyword is given, they will be written there.

file_cubepathlib.Path or str

filename of the MUSE datacube.


Name of the associated exposure map cube (to be used as a weight map for SExtractor)

stepint in {1,2,3}

Starting step for MUSELET to run:

    1. produces the narrow-band images

    1. runs SExtractor

    1. merges catalogs and measure redshifts


Size of the two median continuum estimates to be taken on each side of the narrow-band image (in MUSE wavelength planes). Default is 20 planes, or 25 Angstroms.

fwlist of 5 floats

Define the weights on the 5 central wavelength planes when estimated the line-profile-weighted flux in the narrow-band images.


optional SExtractor comandline options for broad-band detection e.g. {‘detect_minarea’: 8, ‘detect_thresh’: 1.3}


optional SExtractor comandline options for narrow-band detection e.g. {‘detect_minarea’: 8, ‘detect_thresh’: 1.3}


Radius in spatial pixels (default=4) within which emission lines are merged spatially into the same object.


Minimum size of the extracted images in pixels.


Maximum number of lines detected per object.


Removing sources at a fraction of the the max_weight level.

skycleanarray of float tuples

List of wavelength ranges to exclude from the raw detections


Flag to produce an output datacube containing all narrow-band images


If True, configuration files and intermediate files used by sextractor are removed.

workdirpathlib.Path or str

Working directory, default is the current directory.


max number of CPU cores to use for parallel execution