Interface for the MUSE specific data (mpdaf.drs)

The mpdaf.drs package contains Python interfaces for the MUSE pipeline’s objects.



mpdaf.drs Package


merge_autocal_factors(flist[, outfile]) Merge corrections from AUTOCAL_FACTORS files, with sigma clipped mean.
plot_autocal_factors(filename[, savefig, …]) Plot the corrections computed by PixTable.selfcalibrate.


Channel(extname, filename) Channel object corresponds to an extension of a MUSE raw FITS file.
PixTable(filename[, xpos, ypos, lbda, data, …]) PixTable class.
PixTableAutoCalib([filename, method, …]) PixTableAutoCalib class.
PixTableMask([filename, maskfile, maskcol, …]) PixTableMask class.
RawFile(filename) RawFile class manages input/output for raw FITS file.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of mpdaf.drs.rawobj.Channel, mpdaf.drs.pixtable.PixTable, mpdaf.drs.pixtable.PixTableAutoCalib, mpdaf.drs.pixtable.PixTableMask, mpdaf.drs.rawobj.RawFile